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My Favourite Images of 2022

The beginning of a new year is a time for reflection. It’s hard to avoid thinking about the year that has passed. I spent some time this week looking through my archive of images produced in 2022.

My Favourite Images of 2022

The beginning of a new year is a time for reflection. It’s hard to avoid thinking about the year that has passed. I spent some time this week looking through my archive of images produced in 2022. Here is a collection of some of my best photos from the year.

Portrait of a man

This might be my favourite image from 2022. James is a good friend and we always have great conversations. He came to my studio in April for a portrait session. The session was relaxed and I think this image captures something of his personality. James is soft spoken and thoughtful. He is an artist and author. One of the things I admire most about him is how dedicated he is to his writing. I look up to him for having the commitment to not only write a book but to self-publish it as well. The courage it takes to put art of any kind out into the world is not insignificant. I heard recently that his next book is on the way.

A dog running through the woods

This is a personal image, but I love it so I thought I’d share it here too. Monty is my dog. He’s got more energy that he knows what to do with and I take him hiking as much as possible. The pure joy he has for running through the woods is incredible. We have this image printed on our wall in the kitchen and it makes me smile everyday.

Two boys standing by a fence

These two guys might have more energy than Monty. They are great kids, but getting them to stay still for a portrait wasn’t the easiest thing to do. Luckily my experience in the newspaper industry taught me how to work quickly and they didn’t need to stay put for long for us to get this image.

A family sitting in on a log in the forest

This was another fun family photography session. I love the colour in these image. The way the purple of Talia’s dress pops against the green foliage is beautiful. She’s a character and her fairy wings made the bubble photo that much more magical. I sometimes question the sanity of carrying lighting equipment while hiking out to locations like this, but images like these make it worthwhile.

A girl dressed as a fairy
Black and white head shot portrait of a man

This is one the actor headshots I photographed for the Blackhorse Village Players’ 2022 season. They are a group of volunteers who put on fantastic performances just for the love of the theatre. It’s a pleasure to make a small contribution to helping them bring their shows to life. I was happy with all of the images from this session, but this one in particular jumped out for me.

Two children standing on a trail

I just love the sass on these two. They were a tonne of fun to photograph. You never know what you’re going to get with kids. They always surprise me and the trick is reacting fast enough to get the shot! Fall is always a popular time of year for family photography. This year we were really lucky in Caledon to have some incredible colour.

A baby dressed as a sailer

This is another personal image. Ben is my newest nephew. We have a tradition in our family that everyone gets photographed in this sailor outfit. There’s even a photo of me in that same suit. Maybe I’ll share it on Instagram one day for a laugh.

I’ll close with a few landscape and nature images. I try to spend as much time as I can in nature. It’s good for the soul. These images remind me of the importance of looking for beauty in every day. Often I go out purposely looking to make images, but some of my favourites are the ones that I come across serendipitously. Luckily the cameras built into cell phones have gotten good enough to do a pretty decent job of capturing these moments, because sometimes that’s the only camera I have with me.

A horse standing in a foggy field
Portrait of professional photographer Nick Perry holding a vintage camera

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Nick recently did some executive style headshots and photos for me to help promote my new project. I am extremely happy with the results. Nick is an extremely talented photographer, and was able to make me comfortable which helped bring out my personality. Finished photos were delivered quickly too!

Michael Micacchi Executive Portrait Client
Portrait Photo of Digital Marketing Strategist Michael Micacchi

In October 2021 we used Nick Perry Photography for our family photos and they turned out so beautiful! Nick was very professional and offered a very personal experience in our preferred outdoor location. We were very happy with his lifestyle, natural photos and he was fantastic with our 4 year old son and even our chocolate lab. I will be booking Nick again for this year and would highly recommend him to capture your families and special moments.

Dr. Jennifer Murray Family Photography Client
Father, mother and young boy posing in forest by Nick Perry Photography

Nick is very professional and creative. Nick is the best Pro photographer I have ever used. Don't settle for an amateur, use a pro.

Shawn Sinclair Family Photography Client
Portrait of two young sisters hugging each other by Nick Perry Photography

I had seen Nick's work previously when a friend had hired him for photos, so I assumed I would be getting some nice pictures of our newborn daughter. I have to say though I was still taken aback at how good they were. I assumed we would get some generic baby-pose photos to put on a book or make prints for a wall. He had recommendations for shots and angles that turned out amazingly well, and brought out both ours and our daughter's personalities. His photography is not only visually stunning, but really seemed to tell a story.

Jake Phillips Family Photography Client
Portrait of an infant being held up by her parents hands

Fantastic photographer who can keep my children focused and posing for their portraits. The pictures are amazing and I cannot recommend enough! Thank you Nick, my kids don’t often look this great!

Trish Wilson Family Photography Client
Two boys in a field photo Example by Nick Perry Photography