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The Best Camera

Which camera is best? The answer might surprise you.

The Best Camera

I have a collection of cameras. I think I have a dozen of the damned things. I love them all! They are all a little different and they all do different things. But which one is best?

A bunch of them are vintage film cameras and. I love using them to connect with the history of photography and exploring different processes. I have the first DSLR that I ever owned. I bought it when I first graduated from college. It cost me a more than any camera I have ever owned before or since and the sensor is only 2.7 megapixels! By comparison my current phone camera is 12.

That brings me to the reason I wanted to write this post. My phone is actually also an incredible camera. It can take some pretty great pictures. It’s not always the best tool for the job. A DSLR (like the one I use for most of my work) has a larger sensor that produces much higher quality files, even at the same resolution. Because of that I have a lot more flexibility with images in post production, cropping and large printing. It’s also a lot easier to control exposure for creative effect using aperture and shutter speed adjustments. Lens selection, ergonomics, focus control, signal to noise ratio… there are lots of ways that a DSLR is the best camera. But the phone camera is better than all my other cameras in one very important way. It’s always in my pocket. That means it’s with me whenever I come across an unexpected moment that I want to photograph.

I used to carry a compact camera with me all the time. Well that’s not exactly true. I used to intend to carry a compact camera with me all the time. Often I did, but it was the times that I didn’t that I seemed to always end up stumbling across a moment I wanted to capture. But now I always have a camera with me. Even if it’s not perfect and it doesn’t give me the level of control that I might get from a more sophisticated camera, it’s there in my pocket and I can get pretty good results from it.

The photo above is a great example. In my spare time I ride a road bike. I set out for a ride this past weekend and as I crested over the hill just outside town I saw the most beautiful misty morning scene with fog rolling through the valley and the sun rising behind scattered clouds. I don’t stop for much when I’m on my bike, but I had to stop to take a picture of that. A few minor adjustments in Lightroom and I’ve got an image that I love and I will probably be printing it to hang on my wall.

Sometimes the best camera is the one you have with you.

Portrait of professional photographer Nick Perry holding a vintage camera

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“Over the last twenty-five years I’ve had the opportunity to photograph some of Canada’s most important moments and people. My unique journey as a photographer has helped me develop a distinct style that I look forward to sharing with you.”

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Nick recently did some executive style headshots and photos for me to help promote my new project. I am extremely happy with the results. Nick is an extremely talented photographer, and was able to make me comfortable which helped bring out my personality. Finished photos were delivered quickly too!

Michael Micacchi Executive Portrait Client
Portrait Photo of Digital Marketing Strategist Michael Micacchi

In October 2021 we used Nick Perry Photography for our family photos and they turned out so beautiful! Nick was very professional and offered a very personal experience in our preferred outdoor location. We were very happy with his lifestyle, natural photos and he was fantastic with our 4 year old son and even our chocolate lab. I will be booking Nick again for this year and would highly recommend him to capture your families and special moments.

Dr. Jennifer Murray Family Photography Client
Father, mother and young boy posing in forest by Nick Perry Photography

Nick is very professional and creative. Nick is the best Pro photographer I have ever used. Don't settle for an amateur, use a pro.

Shawn Sinclair Family Photography Client
Portrait of two young sisters hugging each other by Nick Perry Photography

I had seen Nick's work previously when a friend had hired him for photos, so I assumed I would be getting some nice pictures of our newborn daughter. I have to say though I was still taken aback at how good they were. I assumed we would get some generic baby-pose photos to put on a book or make prints for a wall. He had recommendations for shots and angles that turned out amazingly well, and brought out both ours and our daughter's personalities. His photography is not only visually stunning, but really seemed to tell a story.

Jake Phillips Family Photography Client
Portrait of an infant being held up by her parents hands

Fantastic photographer who can keep my children focused and posing for their portraits. The pictures are amazing and I cannot recommend enough! Thank you Nick, my kids don’t often look this great!

Trish Wilson Family Photography Client
Two boys in a field photo Example by Nick Perry Photography