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Why I Love Making Prints

For me it’s all about the print.

Why I Love Making Prints

For me it’s all about the print.

I’m going to tell you a bit of a secret. I don’t love photography. Well that’s not entirely true. I do love photography. But in a sense I love photographs more than I love photography.

Let me explain….

I like taking pictures well enough, but for me a photograph isn’t complete until it’s on paper. That’s the part that I really love.

It goes all the way back to when I first got serious about photography. When I was getting started I had the amazing opportunity to take part in a school co-op program that placed me at the local newspaper for a semester. It makes me feel a little old to admit this, but back then digital cameras weren’t really a thing; especially not on a professional level. All the photographs that were taken for the paper were done on film. A big part of my experience at the newspaper was working in the darkroom developing film and making prints. Making a print in a darkroom is a magical thing. If you’ve ever done it, you know the feeling when the image begins to appear from nothing on the page. It still fascinates me and I work in the darkroom from time to time when I can.

Technology has changed and while I still enjoy the darkroom process, digital photography and printing has many advantages. As much as I hate to admit it, digital prints are just as good and in some way better than a darkroom print (that may be up for debate, but we’ll leave it for anther day).

Luckily the magic of seeing a photograph printed and holding it in your hands or hanging it on your wall is still there. It’s a little less magical to wait and watch as the print slowly emerges from my printer, but the print itself is no less special. Seeing an image in print makes me love it so much more. It’s partly psychological I think, but when it becomes a physical, tangible object, it gains an importance that just can’t be replicated on a screen. There is research about how the eyes and brain perceive reflected light from a print differently than transmitted light from a screen. I’ve read about it before, but I can’t say I remember the details. All I know is that for me it’s not a complete photograph until it leaves the digital world and becomes something I can hold onto.

I could send my files to a lab and have the printing done by someone else. That would certainly be easier, but I do my own printing as much as possible. Printing myself gives me complete control over creative choices like paper type. I’m also able to really dial in the quality and colour accuracy of my prints. I choose to work with archival inks and paper, so the prints will be around for future generations to enjoy. Maybe most importantly it allows me to have a hands on relationship with my work that I just don’t get from working at a computer screen alone.

Portrait of professional photographer Nick Perry holding a vintage camera

About Me

Nick Perry

“Over the last twenty-five years I’ve had the opportunity to photograph some of Canada’s most important moments and people. My unique journey as a photographer has helped me develop a distinct style that I look forward to sharing with you.”

Nick Perry

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From family photography, headshots and product photography, Nick Perry uses his truly distinct style and years of experience to create beautiful photos for every client.

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Capture priceless moments to create family memories that last a lifetime.

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What Clients Say


Read recent reviews from clients of Nick Perry Photography.

Nick recently did some executive style headshots and photos for me to help promote my new project. I am extremely happy with the results. Nick is an extremely talented photographer, and was able to make me comfortable which helped bring out my personality. Finished photos were delivered quickly too!

Michael Micacchi Executive Portrait Client
Portrait Photo of Digital Marketing Strategist Michael Micacchi

In October 2021 we used Nick Perry Photography for our family photos and they turned out so beautiful! Nick was very professional and offered a very personal experience in our preferred outdoor location. We were very happy with his lifestyle, natural photos and he was fantastic with our 4 year old son and even our chocolate lab. I will be booking Nick again for this year and would highly recommend him to capture your families and special moments.

Dr. Jennifer Murray Family Photography Client
Father, mother and young boy posing in forest by Nick Perry Photography

Nick is very professional and creative. Nick is the best Pro photographer I have ever used. Don't settle for an amateur, use a pro.

Shawn Sinclair Family Photography Client
Portrait of two young sisters hugging each other by Nick Perry Photography

I had seen Nick's work previously when a friend had hired him for photos, so I assumed I would be getting some nice pictures of our newborn daughter. I have to say though I was still taken aback at how good they were. I assumed we would get some generic baby-pose photos to put on a book or make prints for a wall. He had recommendations for shots and angles that turned out amazingly well, and brought out both ours and our daughter's personalities. His photography is not only visually stunning, but really seemed to tell a story.

Jake Phillips Family Photography Client
Portrait of an infant being held up by her parents hands

Fantastic photographer who can keep my children focused and posing for their portraits. The pictures are amazing and I cannot recommend enough! Thank you Nick, my kids don’t often look this great!

Trish Wilson Family Photography Client
Two boys in a field photo Example by Nick Perry Photography